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JR News: Renewal of EKI STAMP designs!

JR News: Renewal of EKI STAMP designs!

Updated as of 20 February 2024
Originally published on 15 July 2020


EKI STAMP (駅スタンプ eki-sutanpu) are stamps at train stations featuring motifs unique to the district around each particular station. These stamps are available at most stations, and have been lovingly collected by many customers and oshi-tetsu railway enthusiasts as souvenirs of their railway trips over the years. 


New stamp designs

New stamp designs for Tokyo, Ueno, Nippori, Shinjuki and Shimbashi. (Image credit: JR East)


Since 8 July 2020, all 78 stations under the JR East Tokyo Branch’s jurisdiction will have their EKI STAMP designs renewed. The designs are based on kamon (家紋 family crests), and combines a kanji character from the station’s name together with illustrations of places of interests around the station.


For example, the stamp for Tokyo (東京) Station features the first character “東”, and an image of the iconic Tokyo Tower. The stamp for Ueno (上野) Station features the second character “野”, and an image of a panda (famous inhabitant of Ueno Zoo). The stamp for Shinjuku (新宿) Station features the first character “新”, and images of the district’s modern skyscrapers.


In addition to the Japanese station name, English names of the stations will also be included on the stamps, so that foreign visitors can also enjoy the stamp-collecting activity.


EKI STAMP merchandise

New EKI STAMP merchandise. (Image credit: JR East)


To commemorate this renewal, merchandise featuring designs of the new stamps went on sale. These include a tenugui (手ぬぐい Japanese towel), a teacup, an A4 file and a book for collecting the stamps.


Getting a stamp

EKI STAMPS can usually be found on a table near the exit of the main gantries, with an ink pad and postcard-sized pieces of paper to keep your stamps on. You are of course welcome to use the stamp on your own papers or books as well. For smaller stations, the stamps may be placed at the area after entering the gantry instead.


The next time you head to Tokyo, keep a lookout for these new stamp designs!




The EKITAG digital station stamp collection app was introduced in September 2023, and is also available in parallel across the stations with the renewed stamp designs.

For more information on how to install and use the application on your smartphone, check out the article covering the launch across train lines in the Shinshu region

(Note: Your device’s NFC function must be turned on to interact with the EKITAG sticker at the stamp collection points at each station. The EKITAG app may also not be available for download from the Google Play Store or App Store depending on your device’s location settings.)

Header image credit: JR East


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